Slice of Pie

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Funny, sweet stories about life in rural America.

"Spellbinding" - The New York Times

"Rick is a modern day Will Rogers"- The Second City producer, Joyce Sloane

Slice of Pie

Rick is probably best known as an actor with roles on shows like Seinfeld, 24, Curb Your Enthusiasm, NCIS and K.C. Undercover. But one of his favorite things to do is story telling. Slice of Pie is a live recording of his favorite funny and touching original stories, based on interesting characters Rick grew up with in rural central Illinois. Rick adapted one of the stories from the CD into a short film, also titled Slice of Pie, which won awards at many independent film festivals.

His one man show, Pigboy, was his first effort as a story writer/performer. Pigboy toured the mid-west with extended runs in Chicago and Los Angeles. It was chosen by HBO for the Aspen Comedy Festival, where it received glowing reviews from The New York Times, L.A. Times, and Chicago Tribune.




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Desperate Measures

A non-covid Monologue Show

The Improv Co-op is a group of veteran improvisors from The Second City, Groundlings, IO, ETC. We are all writers too. We workshop each other's written material to fine tune each piece. During these days of the pandemic we have been honing monologues that were initially improvised from a single suggestion.




Tales from the Trenches about Fathers and Fatherhood coming to you LIVE on Father's Day!

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