In November, 2019 Jude Brewer asked me to tell a story for his podcast, Storytellers Telling Stories.  He used my story to kick off Season 2. I'm flattered.  It's about my dad.  He passed away in November 2011 and the story of his funeral is both touching and downright funny.  I hope you think so too.  It's called,  I Don't Know What Heaven's Like

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Desperate Measures

A non-covid Monologue Show

The Improv Co-op is a group of veteran improvisors from The Second City, Groundlings, IO, ETC. We are all writers too. We workshop each other's written material to fine tune each piece. During these days of the pandemic we have been honing monologues that were initially improvised from a single suggestion.




Tales from the Trenches about Fathers and Fatherhood coming to you LIVE on Father's Day!

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