After months of getting bugged by my friend, Dr. Luke Hannington, and encouragement from my wife, Laura, I've finally launched a podcast.  It's called "So Sez Rick".  Every episode will feature one of my original true stories... mostly true stories.  Laura  and I will host the show to introduce each story.  I'll post a new episode every two weeks on Friday.   You can listen and subscribe on all of your favorite platforms.  Here are some handy links for some of them.










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The Antidote- Storytelling online show

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The Antidote is a pop up storytelling show in response to the need for COMEDY in a time of chaos. In one jam-packed hour you'll hear four humorous stories from storytellers, writers, comedians and actors with one promise, the stories have nothing to do with the pandemic.

This is not your children's story hour. So, give the kids a puzzle; put on your earphones, grab your favorite drink and sit back and get ready to be entertained with a batch of fresh new stories each week.


Story Salon

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It's the Father's Day show! I'll tell a story about my dad, Roy Hall.

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